"Introducing California Artists to the World"


Artist of the Month:

Leona Moriarty

Painter, teacher and water colorist, Leona Moriarty paints life from the heart. Her form of art is deeper than just mere brush strokes.

She knows how to blend her colors while she is living her life. Once, she had a beautiful studio, just a few steps from her house, but gave it all up to paint in her kitchen.

With a brush in one hand and a spoon in the other, she paints from the center of her family life. She reminds all of her fellow artists that you can create art wherever you are.

Her mantra is... "Do a little painting every day"

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New Artists to Join CAS:

Maria Sanchez

Vera Tchikovani

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There is something very magical about California that forces one to look deep inside to find a way to proclaim its splendor.

From its rugged coastline carved by the roar of the Pacific Ocean and framed by the coastal mountains, from the deserts to the valleys to the redwood forests, from Yosemite to the Hollywood Hills, to the small towns and the big cities, the terrain is diverse, the views are stunning and the light is always changing.

California is a place that inspires great art.

The California Artists' Studio was formed to share this unique vision with the world. Our mission is to bring "art to the people." We represent award winning California artists who work in many different mediums: oil, watercolor, pastels, acrylic, pen and ink, mixed medium, and photography. Our style is very Californian, open and diverse; our paintings represent impressionism, modern abstract, realism, illustration and photography.

Enjoy the view!

We invite you now to spend time reading about our group of artists and exploring the on-line gallery. All of the original art and giclee reproductions presented in our gallery is for sale.